Toronto is the best know city in Canada for all the right reasons. It offers a perfect blend of nature, cultural surprises, and a lot of entertainment options. The city is equally beautiful in all seasons, but fall will have in love with Toronto. The stunning colors of autumn can be enjoyed while the TIFF showcases the best Hollywood movies of the year. Exciting activities, scenic views, and incredible arts make the city a great tourist attraction. September and October are the best time to enjoy fall in Toronto when the city is covered in flame colors right before the snow sets in.
Here are a few best things to do in Toronto in the fall.

Enjoy the Fall Foliage
Toronto transforms into a beautiful mixture of yellow, red, and orange dying leaves, creating a breathtaking sight. Any park close to your area offers scenic beauty, but you can always opt for hiking trails and enjoy the colors as nature prepares to welcome winters.
High Park, Rouge Park, and the Scarborough Bluffs show stunning fall colors. Special events are arranged in Evergreen Brick Works that help you reconnect with nature.

The Delicious Fall Feast
Cool-weather brings back the cravings for comfort food. The Culinary scene of Toronto has no match. Hidden patio cafes in Toronto are the best places to enjoy your favorite food. Roam around and find the best places to have thin crust pizza or the frizziest beer. With the temperature going down to 12°, a hot chocolate mug is just what you need.

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
Toronto International Film Festival first began in 1976 to celebrate films and appreciate the best work from industries around the world. When it comes to celebrity draw, TIFF is no less than the Cannes Film Festival. There are nearly 400 films to be displayed at the festival, so you have a long list to choose from. The festival lasts for 11 days and begins on the first Thursday after Labor Day in Canada.

Apple Picking
Several farms and orchards offer the opportunity to pick apples as they are ripe to the brightest red color. Apple picking starts in August and continues till the end of fall. The fresh produce is perfect for pies and desserts. Not only the apples, but you can also enjoy the scenic beauty created by the apple orchards. For the best picking opportunity, check out Downey’s Dixie Orchards, and Carl Laidlaw Orchards, Strawberry & Apple Farm.

Cask Days
If you are in the city around mid-October, check out the Cask Beer Festival arranged by Evergreen Brick Works. It lasts for three days where you will be served naturally carbonated ale directly from the barrels. The ale is unpasteurized and can be paired with delicious local cuisine. It is the best place to enjoy good food, music, and art all at one place.

Some A list Events
Toronto also hosts some other A-list events that must be on your to-do list. After you have been to this, it’s about time to enjoy the spooky spirit of the Halloween events. If you have a literary soul, the Toronto International Festival of authors is also arranged in the fall. It is one of the biggest literary festivals in the world, attended by legendary writers who own masterpieces.

Toronto is a must-visit in fall if you are looking for beautiful colors, pleasant weather, good food, and amazing music.