Breeders have produced a large number of cannabis strains. Each of these strains has some specialty and is best for a particular disease. The cannabis plants are divided into two major categories: Indica and Sativa. Both these varieties can be differentiated from their appearance, their effects, time of use, climatic conditions, and type of high. 


In order to find out which strain is the best for you, you need to come far from Indica and Sativa. Look for the chemical composition of the plant and the growing technique used to produce it. So instead of just checking out the Indica and Sativa description, read out which terpenes and cannabinoids are included in a particular strain. 


What Is Sativa?

The Sativa variety of cannabis originated from central and south America. You can grow these plants in summers only in temperate regions. Since these plants thrive in hot and dry climates, they are commonly found in Southeast Asia, Central America, Africa, and Western Asia. 



The large and tall cannabis plants belong to Sativa. They are generally very tall and have delicate finger-like leaves. Their average height is 12 feet. Sativa plants are lighter green. These plants take longer to mature and flower in ten to sixteen weeks. 


Why Should I Use Sativa?

Sativa plants usually contain a very high concentration of THC and low CBD. The high produced due to THC is very impactful that affects the brain, often termed “head high.” 


Once consumed, you will feel more creative and productive as it will uplift you and make you more energized. People with anxiety can also take it as it has anxiety-reducing effects. Your brain gets stimulated and clear-headed after consuming it. Sativa plants are indeed the best solution to depression and anxiety. 


Time for Use

Sativa produces energizing effects due to the presence of a high concentration of THC. For this reason, it should be taken in the daytime only. This will help you in performing your tasks with complete focus and attention. 


What Is Indica?

The plant Cannabis Indica is native to the Middle East, where it originated in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkey. The Indica variety can survive harsh and dry climates, which is why it grows really well in the Hindu Kush. 



Indica plants are the exact opposite of Sativa in appearance. Indica is a short plant that grows up to six feet maximum. These plants are bushy, having dark green wide leaves. The presence of more chlorophyll makes this plant darker than its Sativa relative. Their buds are heavy and grow in the form of clusters. Indicas mature faster than Sativa plants. 


Why Should I Use Indica?

Indica plants have high concentrations of both CBD and THC. The ratio typically stays 1:1. Considering this, indica has calming effects on the body that helps with sleeping issues, anxiety, and stress. 


Apart from relaxation, indica also helps deal with pain and nausea. The high level of CBD in these plants makes them best for medicinal purposes. Indica effects are more on the body instead of on the brain. It is also known to cause “body high.”


Time for Use

Since this strain helps us calm and relax, they are best for nighttime. Even a little dose of indica at night will take you straight to the couch, where you can relax and unwind. 



Before picking any product, you should know what objective you are trying to achieve. Instead of judging a strain solely on its Sativa or Indica variety, focus more on its chemical composition. 


Don’t forget to consult a doctor if you already have some medical history. They will tell you better about which strain you should go for, along with the dosage. Consulting a physician is great at understanding any strain’s potential side effects and benefits. In the end, don’t forget to consider your tolerance level. If you are using marjuana for the first time, your body may not tolerate a highly potent strain.