It’s finally the decade that the Cannabis enthusiasts have waited a long time for. Cannabis is now getting legalized for both medical and recreational purposes. However, it’s not a snack that one can get and consume whenever and however he wants. 

Cannabis has potent effects on the physiological and psychological system, and thus, controlled, and regulated use is necessary to avoid any negative effects. We have sorted out a few tips and advice that will help you maximize the positive effects of your Cannabis journey.

Get along with us through this article to know more about kicking off the Cannabis journey if you are new to it.


  • Consider Edibles:

You never know if you are allergic to Cannabis smoke before going for it. Moreover, some people might not like dealing with plant materials, and that’s why it’s a good idea to start consuming Cannabis in the form of edibles. 

Smoking has some adverse health effects, no matter which plant you’re smoking. Considering edibles saves Cannabis consumers from smoking-related unwanted effects as well. 

However, closely look at your dose when you take edibles since the high from the Cannabis edibles might be very long-lasting because of its first-pass metabolism in the liver. 


  • Start Low and Go Slow:

One may not have a fair idea of the suitable Cannabis dose initially. So the experts recommend starting taking Cannabis in low amounts to see your body’s reaction to it. Once you are sure that your body is ok with that amount, increase a little until you find the amount that works best for you. 

A Cannabis dose as low as 10 mg is the best for beginners, whereas 25 mg is the average optimum dose for most people.

Edibles like gummies give you a chance to know and monitor an increase in the dosage precisely.


  • Be sure of the Cannabis Type you want:

People who report a bad experience with Cannabis are probably not taking the right type. Cannabis now has hundreds of strains, and each comes with different effects. 

Taking an energizing strain before going to sleep will ruin your night, and sedative strain consumption in the morning will keep you lazy and sleepy throughout the day.

Therefore, consider different types keeping in mind the type of effects you want to experience to avoid any mishap or unpleasant experience right in the beginning.


  • Start where you are comfortable:

The initial high caused by even a small dose of Cannabis can be very high for some beginners. Hence, we recommend starting around the people you are comfortable with. Be where you feel the safest and most comfortable.

The things happening in your surroundings may greatly enhance the intoxicating effects of Cannabis; staying in your comfort zone may help you avoid such a situation.

  • Reflect:

Cope up with the negative emotions associated with high-induced losing control that comes with high THC. Don’t hurry to come to conclusions in the first go! Take time to reflect afterward on the first consumption; think about what didn’t feel good- either physically or emotionally.